prologue Dear Jason

Dear  Jason

Hello, you don't know me, but I´m a 43 year old single mother from Japan.I work
in a  factory from 9 am to 6 pm and make
850 yen(a about $7)an hour.I have little girl who is four years old.Her father is a 60-year-old guitarist and although we live
together he is still apart of our lives.

My current life is like that of a caged bird.
I live within my birdcage neither flying or nor singing.

I have a favor to ask you.That's why I´m writing now. I really want you to form a band with us.

Of course, you're a very famous drummer that every rock fan knows. On the other hand,we're an unknown 60-year-old guitarist and a 43-year-old single mother working in a factory. I'ts impossible for us to form our band with you unless a miracle happens.

I know you belong to your own band and I would't dream of asking you to leave the
band and join us now. But when the current contact comes to an end and you need new band members,please give us a chance to be prospective members of your new band.

This is a very long letter, it's a 12-year record of how and why I'm now in this birdcage. I'm so sorry for bothering you with such a letter but Got gave me a last chance.

This letter will end on August 19th 2017.
On this day Please unlock my birdcage and give me a "yes"or "no"answer.

I sincerely pray for the day when you unlock my birdcage and set me free.


  A  43-year-old single mother from Japan.