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  • episode 1 INVITATION TO HELL


September 25th, 2000.

That day I was at home in front of the mirror in the bathroom as usual.
I was looking at myself in the mirror.

As I looked at myself in the mirror I saw my shaggy hair and
my face without any makeup on. I think it was morning.

I opened my mouth wide.

I was about to brush my teeth.
I felt a back tooth loosening and couldn't help running
my tongue over it.

It fell out.

“Oh, it fell out!"

The tooth lay alone in the sink.
I felt another tooth loosening and tongued it just like
I had done a second before.

It fell out easily too.

"Hmmm? Strange. Another one fell out."

Losing two teeth one after the other gave me a bad feeling
that something was very wrong.
The next moment, just a light touch of my tongue 
made another tooth come out.

I was horrified. I struggled to put my mouth back in oder.
I tried to screw my teeth back into my mouth. In spite of my efforts,
more teeth dropped out, one by one like fallen leaves.

"Wait, Why can't they stay in?"

"What's going on? I'm scared. Somebody help me!"

"Why is this happening?"

Once they dropped out, I couldn't put my teeth back in place
with the puny effort of just screwing them back into my mouth.

Sheer shock made still more teeth drop out one by one.
I had no idea what to do.
I tried closing my mouth so they could not fall out any longer.
But my teeth continued to fall out one by one,
though my mouth was closed.

"No,no,no. I can't believe this."

"Somebody, help me! Please!"

No matter how loud I cried out in my heart, nobody came to help me.

"Why me? Why is this happening to me?"

"Why does nobody notice that I'm in trouble?"

"Why doesn't anyone come in here?"

I saw myself in the mirror. 
Little by little my hollow cheeks were sinking in.
I was crying as I tried to gather my teeth as they spilled out
and fell from my mouth.
A bunch of teeth had already fallen out.
I looked like an old woman.

"Please, somebody, help me."

"Please, somebody, come here."

"Help me!"




I was dreaming.

I woke to find it had been a dream.
I felt an enormous sense of relief.

It was the worst dream I had ever had.
I believed I would never dream a worse dream.

After the bad dream I got up in a heavy sweat.
Even after getting out of bed, something was bugging me.
I felt depressed all day long. I kept thinking the same thing,
that I hoped something bad wouldn't happen.

The day after the bad dream.

I was at an ATM booth at a consumer financing company.

There I was about to borrow some mobey.

The dream might have been trying to tell me something bad about this situation.

"Screening is complete. A card and cash will be dispensed
 after the message disappears. Thank you for banking with us today."

A card and five hundred thousand yen flowed from the ATM.

I grabbed them and darted away.

I had inked a deal with the Devil.

The card was an invitation to hell.

I became a wanderer in hell and wandered in hell for years and years.